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Considering that they get many of the costs of EU membership without all of the benefits through EFTA, EEA, and other trade agreements, and provided that the EU survives it's current crisis in good form, I do believe that eventually both countries will join.I also believe that a successfully concluded negotiation regarding fisheries may be instrumental in Iceland joining sooner rather than later.Weapons produced in the factory has proved to have been sold to and used by oppressing regimes against protestors in their country.Tolgfors has during the investigation of the affair been caught lying and conceiling information, causing several opposition politicians to call for him to resign.Iceland will join first, followed in about a generation by Norway, after the oil and gas from the North Sea fields runs out entirely in about twenty years (

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But I blame the Social Liberal because they had been such assholes in the negotiation, and didn't want to let SPP get even any of their symbolic policies through*, so they had to fight for the few they got, even when they turned into disasters.There are two problems with this idea of shaping the EU.The first is that a tiny country like Norway can do this to any great extent.Since the current government took over in 2006 there has been 6 resignations that can be seen as embarassing for the government.

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The trade minister and culture minister both had to resign within a week of getting their positions when it turned out they had not paid the licence fee for their TVs.

The former defence minister resigned in protest due to the cuts of defence spending.