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Princess Bubblegum begins building the Candy Kingdom, and she is dating Mr. There are still traces of radioactivity from the Mushroom War (such as the radioactive river PB tries to cover with candy). Shoko dies while trying to steal the Princess's magic amulet. The Banana Guards are instated as the primary police force. Joshua and Margaret find baby Finn in the forest and adopt him. Billy begins a relationship with a woman Finn and Jake save. Finn and Jake are captured by Quartzion the Crystal Queen. Finn gives Princess Bubblegum back the amulet that was buried under the tree fort. He returns to the Earldom of Lemons and defeats Earl Lemongrab.She crawls out of the radioactive river and takes refuge near a baby tree (the Tree Fort in the past). When the Banana Guards fail at their job, Bubblegum creates the Gumball Guard. Interesting fact: Princess Bubblegum looked the same back then as she does now. This has been pointed out before by

The former is struck down by Grob Gob Glob Grod, and descends to Earth as a penguin, later named Gunter.Finn reunites with his dad Martin, who escapes with other criminals.In trying to prevent his dad from escaping, Finn loses his right arm and the Grass Blade. Maja summons Darren using the power of Princess Bubblegum's shirt and attacks the Candy Kingdom.During his unstable condition, Betty time travels, leaving him suddenly. Marceline Abadeer is born with light blue skin and pointed ears to her human mother and Hunson. It's apparently far enough in the future for there to be "scientific parasites".

Also Hunson is shown wearing what looks like his current suit while holding baby Marceline, and has his current eyes.Instead of a knight in shining armor, the show features a "twelve year old boy with strong morals".