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In the event, the footbridge wasn't built for another eight years and it can be safely assumed that there were plenty of people who still used the railway bridge to avoid the longer walk.

Calder & Hebble Navigation The picturesque Calder & Hebble Navigation canal runs for twenty-one predominantly rural miles from Sowerby Bridge down to Wakefield and flows through Healey, Ossett where it forms part of the boundary between Ossett and Thornhill (Dewsbury).

The industrialization of the area led to a number of houses being built for the influx of workers who came to Healey to work in the mills and the dye works.

Above: Map of Healey, Ossett from 1894 showing four separate mills and the Figure of Three Locks on the Calder & Hebble Navigation.

Above: The Healey Ferry in 1905 The cottage on the left of the picture is immediately adjacent the "Figure of Three" locks on the Calder & Hebble Navigation on one side and the river Calder on the other.

He had stepped aside out of the way of passing goods train as he crossed the tracks, but in doing so walked straight into the path of an oncoming passenger train travelling in the opposite direction.

The boatman's cottage, which is still there today, enjoyed quite extensive grounds with a fruit orchard, vegetable garden and chickens.

The boatman would have been on duty every day of the week during daylight hours and may also have been required to look after the "Figure of Three" locks on the adjacent canal.

At one time, Healey was one of several individual villages that made up the larger settlement of Ossett.

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Over the years it has gradually been subsumed into the larger conurbation of Ossett, but Healey boasts an interesting and long-standing history dating back to Roman times and before.

These days, all you are likely to see are holiday makers in narrow boats enjoying the tranquility of the canal and the picturesque countryside.