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23-Jun-2017 01:33

And the way to minimize the likelihood of this is to have a conversation that involves a series of questions, and the main question is, "Do you have any sexually transmitted infections or STI's, that you know about? Do you have any other sexual partners, and what are your safe sex practices with them? Some of these questions can also help you determine the likelihood of sharing and exchanging pregnancy producing, reproductive sex cells, which are also something most people don’t want to share with a new sexual partner. Now, if you don’t have the standard safe sex conversation as a matter of course, please get some practice having it. After you manage to ask those questions a few times, it becomes quite easy to do.

" There’s a series of other questions that you can ask that help you decide how certain you are about the person’s knowledge of their own status. It allows you to protect yourself and to protect this person you’re about to share this new level of intimacy with.

But there’s something even more interesting here that is where the other safe sex conversation comes in. To find that out, and to find out whether your meanings and their meanings are compatible, requires another safe sex conversation, which is just another series of questions, where the main question is, "What is going to mean to you if we have sex?

It’s about something you don’t yet know you want to share or exchange with this new person. " It’s a really great question to ask because it’s not hard to imagine a scenario where one person’s answer would be, "Well I wanna feel more bonded with you.

If instead they have the conversation, and they both answer honestly, then they're able to catch each other’s meanings.

But in the jungle of human relationships it can be difficult to decide just who it is that you want to share such intimacies with.So here are some kinds of answers someone might give, that you might or might not expect, to answer the question.One person might say, "Sex is for me is really just a way of getting to know people.Like you might ask them, "Have you had any symptoms of STI's? It also makes you a more responsible member of the extended sexual communities that you enter into, anytime that you have sex with somebody new.

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That’s a pretty straightforward conversation because it’s about the sharing and exchanging of microorganisms and reproductive sex cells.Sex is a way to get bonded and get closer because I’m trying to decide whether I think you might be a good life partner for me and it’s possible that you might and I wanna make sure that I am sexually compatible with my life partner, so I want us to have this experience together but it’s really about deepening our relationship to see what kind of commitment we want to make." In the meanwhile, the other person would answer the question by saying, "God, sex doesn’t really mean that much to me at all.