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Slowly work your way across the front of the head, working no more than an inch away from the forehead to keep it the same width all the way around heading towards the ear.Keep the plait tight and be careful to keep the sections the same size.My grandmother bought me my first lipstick, as long as I promised not to tell my mother.It was a tiny bullet of Outdoor Girl's Old Wine, which was a wicked, glossy redblack, and I liked to think smelled of wine as well.Now locals have accused him of secretly trying to build a 'granny flat' in his revised plans for a summer house, with one claiming the building will 'harm' their living conditions.Mr Williams has had to withdraw previous plans to upgrade his property because of Mr Page's concerns.Now the garden includes vintage limestone paving, completely rebuilt deck terrace and a huge designer BBQ unit.

Neighbour Olivia Band, whose garden backs onto Williams', 'strongly objected' and said it wasn't 'appropriate' or 'desirable'.Neighbour Peter Gain said it will constitute 'harm to our living conditions', but also feared that Williams was secretly trying to build a granny flat rather than a summer house.