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Relationship counselors will be fascinated by what the multi-person composite charts and 4-chart dials reveal about groups.You also get synastry text reports (New in version 5), synastry aspect grids, positions from two charts sorted together in various types of lists, combined charts of two to 15 people, Davison relationship charts and coalescent charts.It's such a great program that I became an Authorized Astrolabe Associate Dealer, just so that I can sell you the software myself and get involved in the good karma :-) is.We've all used programs before and had that program close suddenly and without warning, because our system was trying to handle too many tasks at once.

It was like talking to someone who knew my soul intimately and felt my fears and doubts.

Classical astrologers will enjoy working with Solar Fire's almutens, NEW term directions, NEW traditional square charts, NEW Arabic lunar mansions, NEW profections, planetary hour and day, NEW chart hylegs, Alcabitius Houses, planetary sect, firdaria and primary directions, user-editable Arabic parts, and the unique ability to score dignities and calculate single or compound almutens.

The unique Arabic Parts Editor lets you add any A B-C factors with accompanying keywords.

But, when you're ready, it's easy to explore new techniques.

As you grow in your astrological knowledge, you'll have all the necessary tools at your fingertips!Or put exact and leaving hits up front with the entering hit to see the whole course of each transit as it starts.