Declan donnelly who is he dating

22-Oct-2017 12:24

He was successful and it was on the Byker Grove set that he first met Mc Partlin.

The duo did not present the final series of Text Santa in 2015.

The part of Duncan on Byker Grove was Dec's first well-known TV appearance.

At the age of 12, he saw an advert in a local newspaper stating that a new children's TV show would be filmed in Newcastle and was looking for young actors. At first Dec said he didn't want to, but he later phoned the producer and asked for an audition.

On his second wedding anniversary, Dec uploaded a gorgeous snap from the big day to Twitter.

He doesn't open up about his romance much, but following the news of their engagement he did admit: "We always hung out.

Declan Donnelly or 'Dec' Donnelly is a British television presenter, producer, and actor.