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Walter Huffington suffered fatal heart (Continued on page 9i) Oct. But it was made clear that CBS cannot confirm ac- curacy of this assumption, and that "what- ever the desirability of the concept of bracket standards, excessive costs could nevertheless preclude their utilization." Page 4 October 2, 1950 Filed Attorney Richard S. LOUIS • DALLAS SAN FRANCISCO • ATLANTA ROADCASTING • Telecasting October 2, 1950 • Page 9 Outlet for The Columbia Broadcasting System # # # H agency ERBERT CLAASSEN, Compton Agency, N. 8, 1937, and GILBERT NUNNS, with Toronto office since May 1945, named vice presidents. COURTNEY BAXTER, WSCR Scranton, Pa., announcer, to Hoffman- Baxter Adv., same city, as partner and radio director. Salant, of Rosen- man, Goldmark, Colin & Kaye, CBS comments said apparently many manufacturers feel unable to meet FCC's brackets deadline — in which case, FCC was told, color report "requires the immediate adoption" of CBS system. compact, economy is stabilized, industry diversified and rates are reasonable. DON'T be surprised if CBS does not make bid for Thomas S. That does not mean, however, that CBS will not wind up with TV station of its own in Los Angeles market (it now owns 49% of KTTV, controlled by Los Angeles Times). 12 target date for beginning of network opera- tions [Broadcasting, Sept. Affiliates be- ing contacted by train entourage which trekked through South last week winding up in Mem- phis. Bracket Deadline Stumps TV Set Makers (See Earlier Story, Page 57) AVALANCHE of last-minute replies of TV set makers to FCC's "bracket standards" pro- posal late Friday made it almost unanimous that, however hard manufacturers may try, they can't meet FCC's apparent early-Novem- ber deadline to start manufacture. Represented by ROBERT MEEKER ASSOCIATES Chicago San Francisco New York Los Angeles BROADCASTING • Telecasting October 2, 1950 • Page IHIIIIIIIIIIIIM^ •This medium-sized Southern baicery (name on request) tested "Cisco Kid" for 90 days ... It's easy as pie, though, when you use Spot radio to give your adver- tising the local touch. She moved to Le one of the Midwest's most vigorous younger agencies, in February 1949 to take charge of all radio time and space place- ments. SCOTT, WCAE Pittsburgh announcer, to Ketchum, Mac Leod & Grove, same city, as assistant to Lansing Lindquist, director of radio-TV. WRIGHT, Tri-County Publishing Co., to firm as ac- count executive in public relations department. Former major network executive soon will join high command, it's reported. Following pattern established by earlier answers to bracket-sets proposal which FCC offered as alternative to immediate adoption of CBS system, some manufacturers indicated willingness — but inability — to comply, while others took more stinging approach which signified likelihood that court test will follow if CBS system is approved. Spot's ability to deliver a home-town message — in one market or a hundred — is just one of the features that makes Spot advertising greof advertising when measured in dollars and cents. One of her biggest responsibili- ties is buying time for Household Finance Corp., a large user of (Continued on page 18) MILDRED Vally Inc. ELIS FOLKE, Sigfrid Fjellander Reklam, Huss Reklam & W-Reklam, Stockholm, Sweden agencies, to copy and planning staff O'Brien & Dorrance Inc., N. Here are the figures: BEFORE NOW INCREASE Area Inside .5 Millivolt Contour (Square Miles) 84,500 89,000 5.3% Population Inside .5 Millivolt Contour 3,890,000 4,100,000 5.4% Area Inside Nighttime Fading Zone (Sq. This model test made it possible for WHO's engineers to perfect the design and to determine exactly what the new equipment would do in terms of more ef- fective transmission. FCC was repre- sented as having "open mind" with meeting likely at midweek. COSGROVE, Manager: Elaine Haskell, Grace Motta, Lillian Oliver, Allen Riley, Warren Sheets. Next time you eye a meat animal, look for the eatin parts and we believe you'll agree that the meat industry is doing a job when it moves meat from farm to table at a lower service cost than almost any other food. BENJAMIN SHATTUCK, supervisor of advertising Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., N. Y., as account executive for consumer goods and merchandising specialist on plans board. Miles) 73,000 125,300 = 71.6% Population Inside Night- lime Fading Zone 3,162,400 6,096,300 92.7% *Area of Iowa is 52,680 sq. The new antenna's design almost com- pletely eliminates unusable ra- diation above 40 degrees from the earth and returns this energy to horizon levels. General view was that RCA would litigate if final decision favors CBS. Slmiiiiiiiiiiii Page 6 • October 2, 1950 Here's the Sensational LOW-PRICED WESTERN That Should Be On Your Station! AMERICAN MEAT INSTITUTE Headquarters, Chicago • Members throughout the U. BROADCASTING • Telecasting October 2, 1950 • Page 7 ANY ADVERTISER CAN AND MOST ADVERTISERS SHOULD ... BILL MUIR and DIANA SPRINGER to Ad Fried Adv., Oakland, Calif. HOLLYWOOD BUREAU Taft Building, Hollywood and Vine, Zone 28, HEmpstead 8181; David Glick- man. TORONTO: 417 Harbour Commission, ELgin 0775, James Montagnes. Patent Office Copyright 1950 by Broadcasting Publications, Inc. JAMES TATE, vice president Dumore Co., Racine, Wis., to account ex- ecutive Klau-Van Pietersom-Dunlap Assoc., Milwaukee.

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Member AFCCE* A i S-year background K(l 1926 PAUL GODLEY CO.

MEL DRAKE, former WDGY Minneapolis manager named NAB station relations direc- tor in mid-August, may not assume post after all. Submitting replies at Friday's deadline were CBS; Westinghouse, General Electric, Na- tional Television Systems Committee, Crosley, Belmont, Stromberg-Carlson, Pilot, Arvin, Gai'od, and John Meek Industries in addition to supplementary brief by Du Mont. These great stations are Spot's ideal proving ground 488 MADISON AVE. 4 Page 10 • October 2, 1950 BROADCASTING • Telecasting beat 5 ^ J Gardner, L. Y MARY LOUISE CAMPBELL to account executive Ruse & Urban Inc., Detroit.

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